Resume for Tattooist Raul Casillas

Raul Casillas Romo has been creating art in various mediums for most of his life,

in 2012 he took a 7 Month tattoo apprenticeship at The Forbidden School of Body Art in Portland, and is now a licensed tattoo artist in the State of Oregon.
“I am thrilled & exited to expand my artistic expression into the tattoo world, I enjoy being of service to the community and I am fascinated to be able to tattoo art in skin permanently, especially based out of the soulful Universal Rites Tattoo Studio”

Raul is a self taught painter, in 2012 his art exhibited for a year long show at The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, America’s only Museum for intuitive & self-taught artist.
Born in Los Angeles, California in 1970, Raul was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, then lived in Vancouver, Canada and now in Oregon and loving it.

Raul is an artist that has been influenced by the visionary surreal fantastic arts as well as many of the Worlds cultures that he has experienced in his travels through many countries from Egypt to Bali & Europe.
“Expressing myself through art enables my soul to be seen, I can shine my light & share that state of interconnectedness that represents our evolving global consciousness.

I am inspired by nature, visionary art, sacred geometry, ancient symbology and tribal art that empowers humanity through transformation to improve life.”

As a young adult Raul studied physiotherapy & Marine Biology and sailed the Caribbean doing coral reef surveys for the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation while onboard the sailboat research vessel “Heraclitus”.

Later he worked in art galleries in Los Angeles & London, UK, which inspired him to become a full time artist.

Previous to his arrival in Oregon, he lived in Vancouver, Canada for 15 years where he  expanded & refined the exploration of the arts while working in the Film industry, decorating sets as a lead set dresser, as well as a sculptor & creating commissioned fine art for movies.

He also had the honor of painting a 16 ft. mandala on the ceiling of a Buddhist Temple in Richmond, Vancouver, BC. for the Canada Bodhi Dharma Society.

He has exhibited his art work in many collective exhibitions at music & art festivals like the “Beloved festival” and with the Visionary Art Movement in Canada and the USA, on the West Coast with the Interdimensional Art Show, in Los Angeles at Gallery “The Temple of Visions”, in Miami with the Moksha Collective in conjunction with Art Basel Miami, in Hawaii at “Alchemeyez”- Visionary Art Congress and currently exhibiting in Australia at Infinitus Gallery, and also scheduled to show in Paris & Spain in 2013.

Raul’s art has been published in various art books and magazines.

Creating art is as ancient as Humanity itself, this Planet is a manifestation of our collective imagination. “I love to speak the ancient visual language of tattooing, painting & sculpting, allowing my body to become a vessel of creation to manifest a window into the soul and the imagination. We are created therefore creative by nature”.

Much Love – Raul

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